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'Those who know the sport best will tell you... every game, and every season is inevitably packed with ebs and flows. Teams are never as bad as they appear during their lowest points, and never as good as they seem during their highest ones. The very best clubs then, must be not just talented, but resilient. Not just hungry, but focused. Their sport demands it.' -HBO 24/7 Pens/Caps

•Hola. Welcome to MY blog. If you're thinking of following, i'd take a look through my archive before committing since I tend to be all over the place. But if you do decide to follow, some of the things that'll be popping up on your dash would include:

•FC Barcelona•         •Hockey•         •Some San Francisco Giants•         •Travel Photography•         •Modern Family•         •Once Upon A Time•         •Misfits•         •The Vampire Diaries•         •The Walking Dead•         •Random Stuff•         •And because a little eye candy never hurt anyone, I make no apologies for my fangirling moments•

•Well there you go, don't say I didn't warn you!•

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    anyone know what the translation is ? C’est parfait comme ca, Andrei!
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